Most Famous Interior Design Styles For Your Condo

A lot of us are redecorating in this time of pandemic. We work, rest and spend our entire day inside our comfortable abode, so it is only right to make it trendy! Here are the most famous interior designs today! We also suggested which design fits your personality the most. Continue reading to check itContinue reading “Most Famous Interior Design Styles For Your Condo”

Vista Residences | Fact or Fallacy: Condominium is only for the rich people

With a rough estimate of 130,000 condominium units across all business hubs in Metro Manila, based on the research of Colliers Philippines, do you think that it is for rich people only? How would you classify condominium properties for rich people? How could you say that the property you’re inquiring about is affordable?

DIY Hemp Rope Vase for Your Vista Residences Condominium Unit

Environmental sustainability is one of the major goals of Vista Residences; with this, we can meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. One simple act you can contribute is Recycling. Here’s a DIY rustic vase that you can make using disposable glass bottles. This isContinue reading “DIY Hemp Rope Vase for Your Vista Residences Condominium Unit”

Vista Residences | Fact or Fallacy: What Will Happen to Your Condominium After 50 Years?

Many people are skeptical in investing in condominium properties here in the Philippines, some of the reasons are, is it a wise investment? Profitable? Is it beneficial as to compare in House and Lot? There are so many other reasons why home buyers tend to think twice before making an investment in a condominium. ButContinue reading “Vista Residences | Fact or Fallacy: What Will Happen to Your Condominium After 50 Years?”

Your University Home in Taft, Manila

Taft Avenue is home to approximately 100,000 collegiate students, faculty members, and administrative personnel. It is one of Metro Manila’s major thoroughfares, stretching across locations of various importance – transport hubs, educational institutions, government offices, hospitals and tourist attractions. Atwood Heights is the 4th offering of Vista Residences in Taft Avenue. This 40-storey development is aContinue reading “Your University Home in Taft, Manila”

Vista Residences University Condominiums

Students who live near their school have the time to catch up on their assignments, exercise and hang out with friends. They are less likely to be stressed from long hours of traffic. That is why Vista Residences build condos in university belt to answer the growing need of the student population.