Tips in Buying a Pre-selling Condo Unit

When it comes to investing, it is important to be smart enough especially on buying a pre-selling condominium.  You must know that you are getting the best deal and if that one fits your lifestyle. Choosing a perfect condominium is an important decision you make on your own. Here are the essential tips on buyingContinue reading “Tips in Buying a Pre-selling Condo Unit”

MUST LOOK: Top-notch Amenities of Vista Residences

Does your condo have the right amenities? With new condominium developments popping up in Metro, it’s no longer enough for developers to just offer buyers their own space. Sometimes, amenities can either be a deal maker o dealer breaker one. With this reason, Vista Residences Inc. is more than willing to offer the best forContinue reading “MUST LOOK: Top-notch Amenities of Vista Residences”

Working From Home: New Norm?

It’s been a while since the COVID-19 outbreak, and now many companies have been requiring their employees to work from home. It was a bit of a challenge for some businesses, companies and as for those who are not used to working at home or for those who don’t have an organized work station.  Well,Continue reading “Working From Home: New Norm?”

Most Famous Interior Design Styles For Your Condo

A lot of us are redecorating in this time of pandemic. We work, rest and spend our entire day inside our comfortable abode, so it is only right to make it trendy! Here are the most famous interior designs today! We also suggested which design fits your personality the most. Continue reading to check itContinue reading “Most Famous Interior Design Styles For Your Condo”

Idea of Condominium Investing | Vista Residences Inc.

As many people are more reluctant to invest nowadays, due to the world pandemic, people are more afraid to spend their hard-earned penny and many would like to save and let their bank be their protector for their money. A British Investor, John Templeton said, “The time of maximum pessimism is the best time toContinue reading “Idea of Condominium Investing | Vista Residences Inc.”